Never Be The Same…

My name is Amanda McEvoy and I welcome you with open arms to my blog!  I look at this as an opportunity to share with you some thoughts, events and friendly recommendations about life. It is a continually growing collection of recorded events that have served to construct the person that I am today.  Look at it as a recipe, a map or even a quilt of combined circumstances and happenings that have produced my personal mosaic…my life mosaic.

I have always wanted to be a writer (more about that later).  I have not always known how I would execute my craft.  The idea for this blog came quite by accident as I was standing in the lookout area of the CN Tower on Canada Day 2011.  After walking through the maze of skyscrapers to get to our sight-seeing destination, I was amazed to look out from my high vantage point and spot a huge area of green space smack in the middle of the concrete jungle.  I also discovered that there was an organized layout towards most of the city which felt quite chaotic to me on foot.  It occurred to me that in order to write “THE BOOK” as I had been hankering to do,  I had to look at its production as the sum of its little parts…the “big picture” if you will.  Sometimes the big picture is hard to see when you have become engrossed in your own preconceived ideas about what something “should” look like.  This blog is the unexpected green space in my flurry of “shoulds”…my crib notes to stroke my creativity and churn out some ideas.

Since I was old enough to think a thought (and be aware of what I was thinking), I have longed to record my information in one spot.  This is not only intended to be for the benefit of the select few who may read my words (thank you), but for the additional purpose simply to organize some of the experiences of my years in much the same way an architect creates a blue print.  You see, I have discovered that writers, at their very core, have an organic desire to be understood.  Likewise, people (as a generality) have a burning need to understand who they are as people and why they think the way they do.  These observations can be strongly supported by the sharp rise in talk shows, self-help departments and popularity of “counselling” as a way to make sense of the world.  That being said, I’ll leave you with my thought on the whole situation-no one will ever understand you the way you understand yourself, which, ironically, is exactly how it should be.  This blog is simply a running collection of “happenings” that together helped to form my interpretations on life…and it’s quite alright if they are not wholly understood by the public at large.  Having them together in one spot gives me clarity and continuity of thought.  After all, it is really all about me isn’t it?

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