Are You There Alex? It’s Me…Amanda

As we meander along in our blogging relationship, you will become privy to certain information.  These sporadic revelations may even be news to those in my innermost circles.  These revelations may leave you wondering about me and the condition of my brain.  I prefer to look at it as a means of providing you with easy access to my personal musings…as if I have allowed you to read my diary.  Accordingly, I am observing this blogging process as the chance to do the same…some self-reflection of my innermost thoughts in public.

I hold Alex Trebek in great esteem.  Although I know nothing about him personally, my inner nerd will explain that Alex and I go way back in my television-watching career.  Although Wheel Of Fortune tweaked my interest for awhile, I quickly became bored with the pesky flirtation between Pat and Vanna.
To me, Alex was the epitome of knowledge collection-like one great big receptacle for unlimited snippets of information.  Show after show he would stand at his podium providing answers on a wide range of subjects.  Ever so pleasantly would correct the poor shmuck who failed to deliver the answer…or deliver it in the form of a question.  The man had to be a genius to be involved in that kind of information exchange night after night.  I used to imagine how valuable it would be to have someone like Alex Trebek in one’s posse-one would never be stumped again.  Even at a young age I valued the ability to acquire knowledge.

As my values and beliefs systems have evolved with the passage of time, I have remained steadfast in my silent reverence for Mr. Trebek and his ongoing absorption of information.  It is interesting how sometimes the concepts we construct as children don’t often cause us pause for reflection until we are adults.  Recently, I was watching an episode of Jeopardy with my husband.  As the first commercial break was winding down, I turned the channel to a different program as I have always done.  When my husband questioned me about the channel switch, I replied “I can’t watch the part where he speaks to the contestants about their background.  It makes me uncomfortable”.  No sooner had the words left my mouth when my husband erupted into laughter.  I instantly felt horribly embarrassed as I realized the absurdity of what I had just said.  It dawned on me that answering questions about theory was one thing.  Being interrogated about why you were known as “Rooster” in high school by the man who knew something about everything was another thing altogether.  Though I commended Mr. Trebek for his smooth deliveries during the game, it was too painful for me to watch the awkward banter between guests and host.  In the question/answer arena, the contestants and Alex were poetry in motion.  In the up-close-and-personal portion of the show, it was like watching a train wreck.

It occurred to me that though it is both necessary and meaningful to value concepts and admire people, it is never beneficial to raise the bar so high that it gets in the way of the ability to see clearly.


  1. At the risk of sounding creepy, I have to say that I love reading your “diary”. You have a unique way of articulating feelings such as embarrassment for someone else, which reveals how empathic you are as a person. I get a sense from your writing that your words are very carefully chosen, and unyieldingly honest. Try not to feel pressured to write all the time, but keep on doing it!

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