Why Can’t “Good” Be Good Enough?

What has happened to the meaning of “good”?  It appears to be an unacceptable term these days.  If something is “good” does that not mean that it is satisfying or fulfilling the way it is?

Our society (myself included) likes to seize things that are “good” and make them better.  Improve them.  Tweak them.  What if we just stopped at the “good” and accepted it in that form?  Perhaps we no longer even know what “good” means.  When I tried to think of something that was “good” I immediately has this memory of purchasing a stash of penny candy at the corner store when I was a kid.  Friday was candy day…I received fifty cents from my mother and could spend it however I wanted (except things that were artificially colored or impregnated with cancer causing chemicals).  After our collecting our goods, my friend and I would go to our “camp”, dump all the candy out and share our bounty.  To me, this was “good”-just fine the way it was, no intervention necessary.   

Now it seems when “good” things are plucked out of operation in effort to make them better, they are never the same.  The taste, the look, the function and the feeling changes.  By the time the revamping is complete, it is not even what you wanted in the first place.  Ironically, it often creates more grief than the original did though it’s been “streamlined for efficiency”.  If we know this, why is “good” so difficult to accept?

Now, in saying this, I do not advocate stagnation-immobility is never a good thing.  I do believe though that we have become too fixated on improving “things”, and not focused enough on acceptance and prioritizing.  This line of thinking marries perfectly with something I heard at a conference a few weeks ago.  One of the speakers encouraged the crowd to simply indulge in the knowledge that we all are “enough” as we are.  That is an ambitious statement even for the most enlightened among us.  It needs time to penetrate…years sometimes.  Fundamentally, we are good enough as we are.  Growth and cultivation only complement the essential soul that is there already.

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