What’s In A Name?

Generally speaking, people have a hard name pronouncing “McEvoy”.  It has been an issue since elementary school and I have become accustomed to correcting people’s mistaken attempts at saying it.  In school, the problem was compounded by the fact that “Amanda” was one of the most popular names for my generation.  One of my teachers solved this issue by labelling me “Amanda Mac”.  I will be honest and reveal that this teacher’s well-meaning attempt at accuracy did nothing but earn me a plethora of other nicknames including “Big Mac” and “Amanda Macaroni”.  Suffice it to say that I began to loathe my entire name altogether.

Interestingly, getting older has a way of evolving one’s perspective.  Though I still encounter the individual who calls and asks for “Amanda Mickey-voy” or “Amanda Mik-evey” I have become quite impartial to my name and the comedic material it provides.  I can even see why it may be hard to understand the pronunciation…it seems to be missing an “A” in there somewhere.  It sets me apart from everyone else and is a visual and auditory reminder that I am different-and I may take a bit longer to figure out.  We spend much of time focusing in on our idiosyncrasies not realizing that they actually constitute the fabric of who we are.

Embracing what is different still remains a problematic concept globally and individually.  As humans we yearn for the commonalities among us not realizing that the differences often attract us to one another as well.

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