Branching Out…

In reading a wonderfully funny book tonight by Jessica Holmes (I Love Your Laugh:  Finding the Light In My Screwball Life), a sentence stuck with me.  She was discussing fear and how it can really stifle (or even paralyze) the creative process by placing restrictions on ideas.  It hit home because I have been trying to turn off my internal editor now for awhile.  Although I’m getting better, I still find myself hesitating on what to reveal and what not to in terms of my written creations.  From time to time I dabble in the poetry side of things…here is something different for your reading pleasure.

I lost my way
I forgot the sound of my own voice
Unsettled…with a hunger for something I could not name
Desperately searching for my story, my direction
Feverishly pushing myself into the spaces
That did not fit
Quelling the sound of truth longing to be heard…understood
Dulled by the noise of life
Exhausted and empty, the journey abandoned
A memory…words given to me that lay sleeping in my mind
You must walk your own road
You will always know it for it is yours alone
Stop resisting-come home
Like an iceberg…unimaginable fascination at a glance
With the faith of tremendous power underneath
Your way is inside
It is as inherent to you as your breath
The road has always been here
And you will always find your way back

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