And In The News Today…

Our local newspaper used to be accessible online free of charge.  Several months ago, they changed the format so that you can still read it online but you will now pay a fee.  I am not proud to admit that I have never been a big newspaper junkie because I do believe in journalism (reading and writing are always holding hands in my mind).  I also feel strongly about being somewhat schooled in happenings of the world both locally and globally.

When the content was free online, I would frequently peruse the material and read the articles of interest.  Since the content is no longer available without the fee (and, obviously, I am cheap) I have been forced to go elsewhere for my information gathering sessions.   Now, whether or not it’s because I am a person who, at her very core, resists change.  Or whether it’s because I was blind to it while I was reading my old online website, the material I have started finding (on reputable sites) makes me shrink into my seat in horror and re-direct my thoughts to my grade 12 journalism class.

Here are some examples of what I mean taken from today’s headlines on the CNN homepage:

-in the “Living and Travel” section, one headline reads “Was That Guy Hot For My Baby Bump?”

-on “HLNtv” section, one headline reads “Can An App Prevent Sexual Violence?”

-in the “World” section (perhaps a section one would assume would be a bit heavier on the “news” content), one headline reads “Hotel To Serve Titanic’s Last Supper”

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am of the thought that these types of articles could be more suited for certain types of magazine subscribers versus the homepage of CNN?  I understand the need to cater to the masses, but are there no limits?  I love Betty White as much as the next guy, however the fact that she has joined Twitter is not news-worthy.  But then again….maybe it is….

In ruminating about this blog post, I was doing some reading about the word “news” as it is defined.  While that was sort of interesting, this tidbit made my heart sink.  According to Wikipedia, “newsworthiness” is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.  Really?  Sufficient relevance (emphasis on the word “sufficient”)?  And this says what about society at large?  That’s right.  We’ve stopped thinking.    

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