The Gap…Where You’ll Find Just Your Size…

I changed my blog name because a kind soul who reads my blog graciously pointed out “the Mac has already returned…so what now?”  Good question.  What now?  Where am I?  What am I doing with all of this blogging?  How is it all working out for me?  Easy…it is working out just perfectly.  Just the way it should be, because I am doing exactly the thing I want to do-what I am called every day to do.  I have no control over it.  Interestingly (for one of the biggest control maniacs you will ever meet) it’s the best feeling in the world!  It’s not meant to be controlled or manipulated-it’s just meant to be “lived in” and used in the best way I know how to use it.  I wrote last week about being in one’s element-fitting segway to this post I think!

The Gap…what is it?  First thing that comes to mind is space between two “things”.  Maybe emptiness, maybe breathing room…maybe just enough area to do what you need to do without disturbing anything else.  I first heard this term in discovering meditation and Davidji-his voice could distract me from a Pepsi Throwback!  My interpretation of his explanation is this-The Gap is the place above conscious thinking but below sleeping.  Sometimes it is referred to as The Zone-where the brain is involved but things are happening almost by another life force inside of you.  This is how I feel when I write.  The channels are open and I am able to metabolize exactly what I want to put out there without really any conscious thought involved.  Almost like riding on a quiet highway straight through to your destination with no stops.

For me, The Gap is much like opening a window.  I know the window is there all the time-I can see it.  The conditions aren’t always conducive to opening it though to slip through.  Some of that is self-induced excuse making and sometimes it is just not possible because of other responsibilities we all have in our lives.  Right now, my goal is to open that window more and more on a daily basis.  Once you get a taste of floating in that Gap for awhile, it’s hard not to want to do that all the time!  You’re aligned properly and perfectly!  Things are working just as they should-and you are moving on that path that you KNOW you are supposed to be on.  Don’t fool yourself either-there are people who spend a lot of their time in just that sacred space (and also get paid for that!!)  Think of people who are full of passion and talent for what they do-famous or not.  If you ask them about how they do what they do, it might be difficult for them to put their job into words.  They could certainly talk to the feelings they elicit when they’re doing it though!  And those feelings are magnetic-we all want to be around that…maybe we’re hoping to soak some of it up.

So I am Bridging The Gap now because I am working my way across that connection more and more-like wearing down a path in the snow.  The more you do it, the easier it is to see the road to your destination.  I struggle with my responsibilities to earn a living and the accountability to my own Spirit to fulfill what I crave to be doing.  I have finally arrived at the knowledge that the two aren’t independent of each other-once you fully engage, the rest lines up.  I was trying to line it up and then engage-doesn’t work like that.  Bridges are mighty structures-time consuming to build and often symbols of strength and identity (think of the Brooklyn Bridge, San Francisco Bridge etc.). They are the link from where you are to where you are going.

Brooklyn Bridge taken on my trip to New York (May, 2013)

Brooklyn Bridge taken on my trip to New York (May, 2013)

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