Cover Letter…Amanda E. McEvoy

I have this friend named Mark Bishop who is the co-CEO/Executive Producer & Co-Founder of Marblemedia (I took that right off his Facebook page so I know it’s right…).  Google them if you haven’t heard of them…and if you haven’t heard of them, you obviously don’t have children.

Mark and I went to junior high (NOT middle school) and high school together.  Even back then, Mark was always into media, creativity and was always the class audio-visual documentary go-to guy.  We lost touch after high school, but, after re-connecting on Facebook, I am proud to say that I know him and that he inspires me every day…a tangible example of someone who has followed their passion and lives it everyday.

Every once in awhile he throws these enticing FB photos and comments up that make me want to quit my job and go work at Marblemedia.  Friday afternoon dance parties?  Chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you as you enter your workplace on Valentine’s Day?  Sign me up because you don’t even want to know what was waiting for me at work on Valentine’s Day.  That kind of creative and passionate environment makes me seriously yearn…

I’ve joked with Mark before and told him that I would be willing to be the office nurse-I mean, people still get sick in a super fun environment right?  And I’m sure there is some stress there-look at how successful they are.  That doesn’t just happen overnight.  Presently, though, it doesn’t appear that Mark is requiring medical services at his office.  But, I think my break is coming…

Earlier this week, Marblemedia posted an advertisement for “senior developer”.  If I can’t get in as a nurse, I’m going to have to take the backdoor.  Here is my cover letter:

February 21, 2014

Dear Mr. Bishop,

I am forwarding you my resume in response to your newly created position of senior developer.  I actually have no idea what a senior developer is, but, according to the job description posted on your website, I have three qualifications out of the sixteen you have listed.  Therefore, I feel I am at least 18% of the new employee you are looking for!  Great news for both of us!

Although I know I have no educational background in computers, computer science or related work experience, I want to reassure you that I do spend A LOT of time on my IPad and have downloaded many a song, movie and book from ITunes.  You indicate that you need an individual with server setup experience and database design…but…do you really?  Wouldn’t it be more challenging (and rewarding) to hire someone essentially ignorant in all things technical so that you can chisel me into the Bill Gates that you need me to be?  Think of the sense of accomplishment that would come from that achievement.  Really, a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.

In terms of the qualifications I am willing to bring to the table, well…I genuinely feel you are going to be impressed.  In no particular order:

-“fluent written and verbal communication skills in English”-said my first word at the age of seven months.  Coupled with my advanced language skills, I have been reading and writing in the English language for approximately 34 years now.  I even have a blog…

-“proven ability to work well under pressure and with minimal supervision”-I have three daughters ranging in ages from 15 to one year old.  I also have a husband and a high-needs dog.  Enough said.

-“strong organizational skills with an aptitude to juggle priorities to meet strict deadlines”-so maybe I have no background in the world of computers.  Do you want someone good with a keyboard or do you want someone who can push some drugs and save some lives?  Priorities and deadlines?  No problem.  Organizational skills…let’s just say that my spice rack is a thing of alphabetized beauty.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that we are pals from way back.  Like the day Luke MacLean lit my hair on fire in science class with the bunson burner.  Those kinds of experiences bond people for life.  And, as far as the geographical thing goes-I know that New Brunswick is a rather long commute, so I wanted to make a friendly recommendation that we…I mean you…turn this position into a “telecommuter” type of a thing.  I’ve already got the IPad (see second paragraph) and we could make it all about FaceTime!  You still travel to NB from time to time so we could always do lunch at some point just for policy’s sake.

In closing Mark, I really don’t know how you’ve managed to go this long without me on your team.  Really, it would be foolish NOT to hire me.  You haven’t made it all this way without recognizing talent when you see it…I know you’ll make the right decision.

Your friend,

PS-you can send my human resource paperwork directly to my home address (make sure to capitalize the “E” in McEvoy or it will never get here…

You may remember

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