When I Think Of You…

This Saturday I will work my last shift on the acute care floor I have worked on since I graduated as a nurse.  I’m making more room in my life to pursue some different interests and the time has come for me to take a different path.  

In thinking about leaving, I have thought a great deal about how people often will wait until extreme circumstances to acknowledge how others have touched them in their life.  Many times these revelations come about as the by-products of serious illnesses, injuries and death.  In so many of these cases, it’s too late for the person to know just what they have brought into your life-what they have taught you or how they opened your heart.  

This is a letter to the beautiful people I have worked with for the last eight years.  Not all of you reading this letter will know these people, but that’s not important.  Think about the people in your own life-especially the ones that you may be more apt to take for granted (co-workers).  Reflect on how much of your time you actually spend with them and understand how amazing their impact is on you-even if you may not always agree.  


My Dear Neuro Friends,

First of all, you need to know how fantastic it was to know that I would see all of you faces each time I came in to work!   For the last eight years I’ve been privileged enough to sweat it out with the most team-centered, compassionate bunch of people ever…I am so lucky!  And when I thought about what it was that I really appreciated about my time with you all, it was the amazing ability for all of us to immediately come together-without hesitation-when it was necessary.  Over the past several years, the cohesiveness of all of our staff has been the tie that binds.

We work in such a acutely intense environment…pun intended.  If you sit back and think about the things that we witness, the lives we touch and the work that we do-it’s really overwhelming.  And not one of us could make that happen alone-and as gracefully as it’s executed on our floor.  

I have learned so much from all of you both formally and simply from observation.  When I think of each one of you that I have worked with over the years, it’s amazing how quickly a certain memory comes to my mind…and that’s how you’ve touched me.  With kindness, with love, with humour and with integrity.

So, from the absolute fullness of my heart to all of yours, thank you for sharing your lives with me for the last eight years.  I know that between Rose’s “lovin’s”, Trudi’s OCD and Katie’s amazing ability to recite complete passages from the funniest movies ever, neuro will keep on keepin’ on!  And it is my sacred promise to introduce Amanda’s bowel bars to whatever work environment I happen to find myself in.  May you all keep regular and full of probiotics!


Amanda (Lloyd Braun)



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