The Hard Question…

Part of my homework this week…

“Do you believe that we can ever really change WHO we are?  Are people destined to continue the trajectory they began many years ago in combination with their DNA?”

It’s funny…I live in joyful anticipation for these assignments and homework questions.  Then, when I get them, I’m instantaneously overcome with anxiety.  WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER??!!  Although I know this about myself, I never fully understood the extent to which I look for the right answer until I received my email this week with my homework assignment.  There truly is no more interesting of an exercise than to become the silent observer of your own life.

I have heard Deepak Chopra refer to “the hard question” a few times in hearing him speak.  This is actually what the scientific community calls their search for identifying “the soul”.  Where is it?  You can’t anatomically locate it, yet they know it exists.  But how could they “prove” it’s existence?  Deep…sometimes even too deep for me if I think about it too much.  I believe this is because thinking and the soul do not go together.  One cannot explain the other.  In answering this question this week, I was able to tease my true answer out to this:

If you take away your physical body and your ego, what you have left is your soul.  We can’t change WHO we are (soul) but we can change WHO we are (ego).  Your physical body just happens to be the vehicle that you were assigned to cart your ego and soul around in.  For that matter, are your ego and soul actually even located in your body…there’s that hard question!

Therefore, I do believe the ego can change it’s trajectory-at any given point.  But, like anything, it’s a conscious choice.  The old patterns that we are engaged in have to be dysfunctional to the point that we finally say “hmmm….I wonder if there is another way here”.  Initiating this process is (usually) like eating a bag of chips-you can’t eat just one.  Nor can you peel back a layer of yourself without discovering another layer underneath that could possibly use some introspection.  The deeper you go, the closer you get to what is REAL.  What is REAL is the only thing that doesn’t change-your soul.

When I think about the pain I have experienced or loss that I have felt in my life, I now realize that this was never an insult to my soul.  It was purely ego-pain felt by something I thought should be one way, but ended up turning out another way.  It’s all the chatter and stories we tell ourselves about the way we think things “should” be.  When, really, we have no idea about the “shoulds” in life at all.

DNA has a role to the extent that we may have different tendencies towards different attributes, but, again, it becomes all about choice.  Some of the most beautiful things arise from the most difficult and unpleasant circumstances.  If we lean towards DNA to explain situations, we remove the locus of control and again place it externally-like we had no control over it.  Essentially, we do not have any control over it, but we certainly do have control over what choices we make and with what level of awareness we make them.

I guess, in short, I don’t believe that we change WHO we are.  The moment the soul meets the human form and emerges from 40 weeks of gestating is the same soul that takes their last breath in a physical body that is no longer able to act as a vehicle.

So, then the question becomes…WHO are you?


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