The Right…er…White Party

In conversation with someone involved in our provincial election a few days ago, I asked what the candidate’s position was in health care.  I revealed that I was a nurse and was more than willing to share my insights should they be inclined to hear them (they weren’t…).  Specifically, I asked what would be different if this candidate were to be elected.  What ensued was some fancy double-talk that had really nothing to do with the question that I had asked.  Which left me thinking…why does this government stuff have to be so hard?  What if we’re just trying to make something out of nothing?

I spent some time afterwards lost in thought which is a routine of mine when I meet sandpaper people.  “Sandpaper people” you ask?  Those are individuals that I run into that I may (or may not) know personally that provide me with some sort of friction to leave me with another layer gone.   My contemplative efforts were not in vain as I was able to devise my plan for my newly constructed political party and it’s platform.  I may be on to something here…

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m going to thank you in advance for coming here tonight and lending your ear to a whole new approach to politics.  One that has never before been tried.  I know that new things are scary.  You should be commended on your willingness towards bravery and innovation.

My name is Amanda McEvoy.  I am not qualified at all to be running in a political campaign.  I’m a mother of three and a registered nurse though, so I’ve grown accustomed to adapting quickly to difficult environments.  And I did take an introductory course in politics during my nursing degree so you could say I’ve given it “the college try” (<insert soft laughter from audience or laugh track if audience is hardened towards my comedic efforts>) 

I’m throwing my hat in the ring because things are just getting out of hand with the more traditional methods of doing things.  Everyone seems to be missing the big picture…things are really looking dismal in New Brunswick.  People are leaving.  I was born and raised here and would love nothing more than to stay committed and invested in my province.  Even I am losing hope.  There’s too much political gobbily-gook and people in suits using fancy language to fool everyone.  It’s not working.  Time to overthrow the system and get back to basics.

My Platform (in a nutshell…because we are keeping it real)

-we are known as the White Party.  The colour goes with everything, is associated with goodness and is a sign of neutrality and surrender

-I’ll have the usual collection of ministers, but my ministers are going to actually make sense (Minister of Health will actually work in health care…not be the best friend of someone who knows someone)

-I’ll return calls and messages.  And my ministers will too.

-no housing and fancy car/trip allowances.  Cut out the extras and focus on reality

-citizens are going to vote on every issue.  You don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.  If it’s not important enough to put to vote, don’t bring it up

-no media wranglers.  Straight up answers and explanations given by the person who owns them.

Forward thinkers know that the more complex you make things, the more you lose sight of the original issue.  Right now, we’re all on the big hamster wheel going nowhere fast.  Unless there is a drastic change in course (say…180 degrees or so), the trajectory remains.  Aging population, mass exodus of the younger population, sinking healthcare (for a sharply rising elderly population) and an educational system that is sorely in need of supporting it’s key player-TEACHERS!

The White Party is committed to looking at things in an entirely new way…thank you…


IMG_1111 copy

Me…looking at things differently…



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