Leonard Cohen

Someone had given me a cassette of Leonard Cohen’s music back in high school.  I remember listening to it…and trying so hard to like it.  Although I had been exposed to many different musical styles and genres growing up, I couldn ‘t wrap my head around this one.   

Yet I have always remembered one song that I had listened to because the lyrics have stayed with me all of these years.

And I loved you when our love was blessed, and I love you now there’s nothing left”~Closing Time

It’s interesting how we can latch on to expressions such as words, photographs, or a song and it’s like they become burned onto our souls forever.  I have never enjoyed his music but many of his lyrics have come up as reminders at various times in my life.  He possesses that ability to understand the human spirit and the themes that run as commonalities throughout all of our lives.

Leonard popped into my head again last evening watching the sun set in my Favorite place on earth.

There are cracks in everything-that’s how the light gets in”

Many times I find myself focusing on the cracks…what could be different.  What could be better.  What “shouldn’t” be there and “should” be fixed.  Yet the cracks are the very things opening my heart and allowing the love and gratitude in.  Without those cracks, nothing would be slipping in between illuminating the goodness and the beauty.

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