Be Well

Dearest Amanda,

Remember this feeling.

Upon your return home, life will resume.  In all of its busy-ness, and automatcicity.  It will be hard for you in those moments to touch this place within where everything is still.  Where everything is whole and perfect just as it is.  You will be wanting more, setting standards and expectations.  You may feel that need to push through-fulfill your requirements and care for your responsibilities.

There may even be moments when you are so caught up in life that you forget to live.  And joy starts leaking out of your soul.  Sometimes slowly.  And sometimes quickly…especially on those days when you are tired, and the day may not look like you thought it would.

Remember this feeling.  Right here, right now.

Know that there will be times of pain.  When your heart is being pulled through your chest.  The tears might come and you may not know why.  Know that there will be an ache in those moments-in your chest.  But it will not crush you.

Know that there will be joy…when your heart is so full that love pours out into everything you do.  Gratitude will come so easily that you will only have to look around.  

Know there will be everything in between.  The moments of nothingness and the sweetest minutes of the day.  The times of presence and awareness and the moments where you are so mechanical that you can’t remember what you’re doing.

Remember this feeling of you.  And this feeling you have in this moment.  Of falling in love with yourself.  The joy that comes with believing that you are exactly where you need to be in any one moment.  The spark that is ignited from experiencing the beauty of this past week…and fanning that flame so it burns even when you feel you can’t.  Let it touch everyone that touches you so that they feel themselves in you as well.

The questions can’t always be answered.  The explanations won’t always fall on welcoming ears.  You will continue to search…and you will continue to find. You will be crippled with fear and release your heart in defeat.  But that’s not the end…it’s the beginning.  Your hands and heart will open again and you will be able to be vulnerable.  You will remember this feeling.

This feeling of such gratitude for this journey that tears will pour down your cheeks with love.

Be well and always fall in love.  Over and over again.


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