About Me


A thought alone is not original. It is not until the thought is infused with emotions, experiences and personal knowledge that it becomes your own. Yet, even then, it retains enough of its original form that it will often seem familiar to someone else.

Imagine the moments in your life where you have felt that fleeting sense of clarity-perhaps a time when you have felt completely understood…or have understood someone else. Something in the exchange resonated with you. It has made you feel validated…and comfortable. You might even feel that you aren’t alone in your perception of the world. There is something safe in knowing your thoughts are similar to others.

I believe it is essential to be able to make sense of your life…in whatever way you can. Often, this does not happen when you want it to…usually it happens when you are ready. Each person has a story that is meaningful. The process of being human means that there are shreds of recognizable familiarity in every encounter you have. This blog is meant to tug that string on your soul…the one attached to a thought or feeling you might have. You and I have stories that are likely quite different. In our moments of reflection and struggle, we can forget our innate connection to all other humans. Despite our differences, the closer you look, the more blurry the line becomes between you and I.

Even though this section is “about me”, it could be more aptly be titled “about all of us”. The words that will catch your attention about me are only indicators that are highlighting aspects about you. So please leave me feedback about your thoughts on my blog-what moves you about it intrigues me tremendously!

-Amanda E. McEvoy

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